A pattern against punk teenagers' addiction to consume fashion in capsules. SR's arsenal is one of weighted and valuable influences from post-hardcore, noise and metal while Pupille gets the best out of today's progressive rock. Tracks herein take the weight out of these aural oppositions to converge both of them in the same command of a truly enjoyable journey into the depths of progressive rock/hardcore.

APES012 | AND SAY WE DID Final demonstration2006 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

Led by ex-bass player of SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION Cyril Blandino, the Cleveland's quartet who is armed to dissect a trillion notes, self-proclaiming a genre. Reading it math-something on a thousand faces and hearing it noise-something on all voices. No one's to blame here, it seems, please sink your teeth in it... you'll shore your music passion away for a real something. AND SAY WE DID is now renamed ENDAGENDA.

APES011 | ZUL El golpe de la aguja2006 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

'El golpe de la aguja' unquestionably prides itself on life-size musical strides. As far as this out-classed by such bands as Mogwai or Mono, and before long dethroned by Zul which will shine alone as true archivists. Zul are stirring bridges towards a dark amplification of life itself.

APES010 | THE FANTASTIKOL HOLE Mathematikol oil2006 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

No matter whyever THE FANTASTIKOL HOLE quartet deserves to be on a label catalogue, they're simply uncategorizable in the current century and for that reason should be heard out by any passionate of freaky music out there. Melting both experimental and metal scenes in an all-star 26-track episode, this digital piece dwells in machine-driven grindcore.

APES009 | TIME TO BURN Starting point2005 · Basement Apes Ind · Digipack CD

Motivated and characterized by an uncritical devotion to the most extreme sounds. A wild-eyed, unbalanced and obsessive familiarity with post noise hardcore and melancholic mammoth soundscapes impregnated with the saddest melodies. Obviously your next favorite band.

APES008 | SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION Goodbye Mr Wanton2005 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + CD

Goodbye Mr Wanton is a massive explosion of riffage, destroying the boundaries of metal music into an extended version of anger-driven modern heavy rock. SR construct with furtive grinds, unexpected turns and notes, desperate screams and gigantic emotions, transporting the mind on a high musical progression level.

APES007 | MEMBRANE Utility of useless things2004 · Basement Apes Ind · Digipack CD

Never a noise band have reached so much high standards. Membrane more-than-decently drains their powerful post noise hardcore full of melancolic images and heavy-as-a-mammoth sounds. Close your eyes and think to be the master of creation.

APES006 | SPINNING HEADS Change the game2004 · Basement Apes Ind · 12" + CD

Finally the real essence of heavyness has been unleashed as you can the deafening rumble of ten-floor/thousand-ton building falling onto the desperate ground. Respected and packaged to-the-very-note by Serge Morattel at Geneva's Morattel Studios (Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Tantrum...) and mastered by Glen Miller.

APES005 | MORGUE Barbed wire cranium2004 · Basement Apes Ind · CDEP

Morgue path further their way to the pandemonium of extreme yet sophisticated music. 'Barbed wire cranium' foretastes a devastating and straight-to-the-point music which blends grindcore and power-violence.

APES003 | JUGGERNAUT / BBUGG The cato street conspiracy2003 · Basement Apes Ind · CD

Unconcerned with rules and conventions of metal music, free-wheeling in their own’s own soundscapes, those creatures surrender a six-song and 40-mn odd atomsmasher spilling the beans about butterflies and defying god. Think Isis and Pelican.

APES002 | SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION We kneel in the pews by the confession box2003 · Basement Apes Ind · MCD

The second effort from SR. Heavier, classier... comes as a slim digipack cd. No doubt about the fact that SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION is going ahead of all influences, flying above more progressive beaches through longer songs and reinforce the way they choose on their debut and goes further in the emotional domain with 2 long songs 'Mary versus Jesus Christ' and 'For the limbs grow numb and any movement wakes'. The other songs develop other musical faces from SR with grind, melodies and that little hint of metal. Definitely more intrusive than their debut. A 5-song jammer to tell your beads.

APES001 | SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION / SUBMERGE 1010101012003 · Basement Apes Ind · 7" + CDEP

This cdep is actually the cd version of the 500-copy limited edition split 7’’ made originally possible by Shogun Records The cdep version features the 4 songs included in the 7’’ plus an all-out new lay-out and design. SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION’s debut recording on this release simply strikes a blow. This band will in no time unleash its talent in the scene by its post hardcore metal mostly tainted by guitar cacophony and intricated structures with an hint of emotion. Fellow band SUBMERGE drives the nail further into the head with 2 new songs; torturated and emotive..