YEAR OF NO LIGHT Ausserwelt 2xLP

  • YEAR OF NO LIGHT Ausserwelt 2xLP

YEAR OF NO LIGHT Ausserwelt 2xLP

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Year of no Light spent most of the last 4 years spreading its enthralling psychedelic warfare to a continually growing audience. Alongside they parted ways with their singer and recruited two other thirsty mercenaries. Shiran, of über-doom combo “Monarch!”, brings now his chthonian six strings to an already massive cathedral of noise and ambient drone tones. Mathieu, of deviant-electronics act “Aeroflot”, strengthens ritualistic tribal rhythm patterns.
Out of their cave, they secluded into an old theater to record these 4 tracks catching every possible vibration of the trembling frame of this enlivened a new mansion. All the energy collected at that very moment forms “Ausserwelt”, the sophomore album of Year of no Light. Mystical emanations flow out of these riffs colliding into each other to an in ear-splitting shriek. Cranked amps and molested drums hurl their mourning chant as a choir intoning its final psalms at the dawn of the Last Judgment. Year of no Light follows the path opened by “Nord” towards more somber psychedelics, creating its own blend of black metal, sludge, drone or any other influence marked with the seal of darkness.
Still no caps, no core neither stupid modern nihilism but instead an ambiguous electrical network of acting singularities, now ready to afford the collective metaphysical crash to come.

Pressing Information

First pressing:
1.000 copies on gatefold VINYL 2xLP (500 on black vinyl, 100 on cream, 100 on dark brown, 100 on clear blue, 100 on grey marbled, 100 on clear)

Second pressing:
1.000 copies on gatefold VINYL 2xLP (all on black)

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