Hong Kong's KARMACIPHER to join the Basement Apes roster! 23 December 2016

We are pleased to welcome Hong Kong'sKarmacipher in the Basement Apes roster! Their debut album 'Necroracle' will be out early 2017 on 12". More details to come.

Full stream: http://bit.ly/2hyGgRz
Order the cd: http://bit.ly/2i04e9s

'The debut album 'Necroracle' from Hong Kong's Karmacipher is pure aesthetic and maestry in the realm of dissonant metal. It stands out with a massive musicianship with the will to strike a perfect balance between the origins of death-metal and experimentations. That is really destroying, deep, dense, inducing a redemptive fatigue. Ambitious and terrifying at the same time.'

01. Aberration
02. Cipher
03. Necroracle
04. Stagnant
05. Veiling
06. Anachronism
07. Obsolescence
08. Whirl