FERAL 'Doomwalk' is out now! 23 September 2016

Montpellier-based metallic hardcore purveyors FERAL (feat. current members of Stuntman, Burne, Morse and ex-Morgue) unleash a ferocious blast of sonic destruction with their debut effort Doomwalk. A pummeling fusion of crusty grind, sludgey hardcore and groove injected metal, Doomwalk further propels FERAL into the upper stratosphere of metal, delivering 10 killer tracks, chock full of their signature, skull-crushingly heavy grooves and technical blasting severity.

Euro tour with Plèvre kicks off October 21 in Switzerland.
. Order: http://bit.ly/2bpiK9Y
. Listen: http://bit.ly/2ci07Hv
. Official trailer by Chariot Of Black Moth: http://bit.ly/2bJZFRw