Pre-order now PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND False Highs, True Lows Digipack CD and Tee-shirt! 10 March 2016

After the highly acclaimed and imposing 'Lowgazers' in 2014, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND returns with another milestone. 'False highs, true lows' stands alone with a music elegantly moving from pure black metal, sludge and noise. The repeating dark guitar harmonies, jackhammer drumming, and the fierce unrelenting screams are backed with a top-notch production. Not exactly the black metal cave-dwelling kind, to say the least. It suits the album perfectly and widen the ferocity to a higher level. Departing definitely from their post-hardcore debut, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND now dwells in the international extreme landscape. This is all about restrained fury and intimately suffocating layers of harmonies. Your next 2016 favorite record.