Since 2002, General Lee never stopped to look forward their own definition of chaos, melting intensity, blackness and emotion in a shape that belongs to abrasive hardcore music.
After some recording try-outs they definitely head out with a mammoth disc in the name of HANNIBAL AD PORTAS. This disc plays with feelings and contrasts by creating a tense climate, near to the break. Icy and oppressive atmospheres, heavy and melancolic riffing are mixed to an abrasive hardcore and a blowing off and catharti screaming.
A music that blurs and destroys the usual plans to be reconstructed in pain...

Mournfully monumental debut release comprising 6 profound, epic compositions of emotional, regal doom. This is immensely haunting and overflowing with dark emotions. One of a kind heavy doom.


. 'The sinister menace' Ep - Self-produced 2003
. Split w/ As we bleed - Self-produced 2005
. 'Hannibal ad portas' cd - Basement Apes 2008
. 'Roads' cd - Hip Hip Hip 2010
. 'Raiders of the evil eye' 12" / cd - Play the assasin Records 2012 / Basement Apes / Get a life Records 2013
. Split 10" w/Euglena - Basement Apes / Monotonstudios Records / Grains of Sand Records / Mind Control Records 2014
. 'Knives out, everybody! 12" / cd - Basement Apes / Don't trust the hype Records / Grains of Sand Records 2015

Tour Dates

APES049 | GENERAL LEE Knives out, everybody!
May 15th 2015
Basement Apes / Grains of Sand
APES038 | GENERAL LEE Hannibal ad portas re-issue
May 01st 2013
Basement Apes
180gr 12" + Digipack CD
APES037 | GENERAL LEE Raiders of the evil eye
Feb. 28 2013
Basement Apes
160gr 12"
April 30th 2014
Basement Apes / Grains of Sand
APES020 | GENERAL LEE Hannibal ad portas
January 2007
Basement Apes Ind
Digifile CD